Four reasons to think e-commerce for your business

When people ask me what the attraction I see in e-commerce is, I am quick to tell them Freedom! What I get in internet business is the freedom from the traditional way we do business. If you are reading this, my good guess is that you want freedom too and I will tell you four other reasons you should think e-commerce for your business.

E-commerce is a short form of electronic commerce. It is a way of doing business on the internet where you have access to customers from across the world. Not only that you have access to customers globally, you too can tend to your business from anywhere around the world without physical location limitation. Here are four other reasons to go e-commerce:

  1. Unlimited access to customers

A good reason to sell is the availability of clients. Where the market is, you have the likelihood of high sales and business prosperity. E-commerce not only exposes you to potential customers in your locality, but you can also sell anywhere around the world even at the remote end of the world. Anywhere where people can access the internet, you can have your customers.

  1. Availability of skilled and affordable workforce

In the business world today, many US companies employ their employees from outside the US thanks to e-commerce. In the brick and mortar world, you are limited to your local workforce unless you are ready to bear the cost of moving skilled labor from another country at a huge cost to your business. Not only you are location limited, but the law also requires prospective staff to get necessary travel documents and work permits which do not come easy as security considerations are needed to determine if the staffer will be cleared to immigrate into the country to work for you.

  1. Convenient business transaction between sellers and buyers

When you locate your business online, and you have all necessary e-commerce tools in place, buy and selling becomes easier than you can get with brick and mortar business. Your customers don’t have to hurry because you will be closing for the day or because it will be weekend and store will close to customers. You too can go about your other activities without having to close your store. In an e-commerce situation, businesses are open 24/7.

  1. Maximize your potentials

A business in Dallas can serve the local community as well as serve customers from the far end of the world. Ecommerce allows you to sell wide-ranging products without restricting you to a particular product because to every locality you serve; you can offer them a unique product for their territory.

Ecommerce allows you to up-sell on products you do not specialize in and collaborate with other online business who offer drop ship services to sell to your clients and make extra income without lifting a finger in the buying and selling process.

How can you make your e-commerce business successful?

Hundreds of e-commerce businesses fail every day. The owners of failed e-commerce businesses do not envisage the imminent crash of their businesses, but the lack of skill to run a successful internet business is often the reason for failure according to various studies on causes of failed online ventures. In this article, we want to look at how you can succeed in your online business without falling into the pit of failure like others.

  1. Identify your niche and reach out to the right audience

Starting an online business takes wit and understanding your product with defining the right niche to serve. If you sell health product, you need to dig deep to the particular area of health your product serves and market to people who need what your product.

The mistake many failed businesses made was being a jack of all trade without targeting the right audience. Even though everyone wants to be healthy, selling a baby health product to seniors in their 60s will not lead to substantial sales if we take for granted that some grandma might buy a few of your offerings for their grandchildren, they are not the right audience for your product.

  1. Have a business plan

Even in brick and mortar business, we have been told how important business plan is to a successful business. You don’t want to start an online business without a clear cut road map on how you want to proceed and drive your business to success. Within your business plan will include organization, management, marketing, and sales plan. As your business grows, the business plan helps to keep you on track

  1. Get the fund for the takeoff and stability of your business

The mistake some internet business owners make is to think e-commerce requires no serious investment. While I want to agree to some extent, you still need the necessary funds to move your business from the start-up to gain traction and survive the teething problems you will face.

Without funds, every business stands the risk of not making it through the turbulent stages of its life as they are bound to come. When your business can afford the funds, it is possible to change your advert source, build more resources, and pay premium prices to get you to the next stage of the business. For instance, registering and hosting a domain name require a takeoff fund which may expire after a year. If your company has not made money in its first year, it means you need money from your pocket to pay renewal fees for your website, failure to do that will mean forfeiting your hosting plan and domain which mean death to the business!

  1. Give it the time it takes

I often laugh when people tell me you don’t need a chance to start an online business. Some will say you need a few hours of your time daily. Well, my adventure on internet business has taught me that this is a farce! You need time to nurture and grow your business. I think the stage where time is not an issue is when your business has succeeded, and you are on auto-pilot where your money is replacing the time for you. Be prepared to give your business the time it needs to be successful.

Managing online business is not far off from operating a brick and mortar enterprise. It requires your time to plan and implement your plans to the letter. You also need the funds to move from stage to stage until your business starts to pay the bills. Until then, be prepared!

The Ultimate 5-Step Roadmap to a more Successful Online Business

Did you know that people spend billions of dollars online purchasing all kinds of goods and services? The people using the Internet nowadays is over 3 billion – just imagine how huge market that is!

If you are like most ambitious 21 century entrepreneurs, you’ve thought of (or already started) developing your online business. In case you need a roadmap, here are 5 awesome Steps that will show you how to do it right:

  1. Picking a niche

The first and foremost thing is to decide upon what goods/services you’ll focus on. The topic doesn’t necessarily have to be something in which you have extensive education and experience, but of course it will be better if you have some background and lots of passion about it!

  1. Research it well

Do a market research, and discover the ins and outs of your industry. It’s important to get into your customer’s mind in order to be able to perceive the products you’re about to offer them, from THEIR point of view.

It’s vitally important to understand your customers wants and needs!

  1. Invest in Infrastructure and Operations

You have to be willing to invest both time and money in your servers, in your website design and copy, in your profiles on various SM channels, in other words, in your entire infrastructure where your business will be run and operated.

Make sure that you have written your term and conditions, your about page, your contact page with all your details. It’s also great to set up a dedicated email for your business and integrate it with some email solution provider such as AWeber or GetReponse and start building your list.

This is all vitally important and forms the base of your entire business.

  1. Attracting Followers

It’s very important that you position yourself and your business as an influencer. Make sure that you establish a big following (both on your site/blog, social media channels, forums and blogs, etc.).

You can do this by differentiating yourself and by adding more value to your customer’s experience. Make sure that you’re offering something of unique value without much fluff. Nobody wants to read BS and spend waste their precious time on something that won’t add any value in their lives.

  1. Tailor Your Products and Services Towards their needs

This one doesn’t require much explanation. DO your research, find out what they want, and make sure that what you’re offering can solve their problems.

Last but not least

Remember that you need to keep optimizing your business all the time. You need to test a lot, and fix all parts that are fixable. Just find how to spend less and how to sell more – then it’s just a matter of time until your small business turns into an online giant.